It’s July of 1927…Erin Farwell Shadowlands Cover 600x900

Prohibition is the law of the land,
Al Capone controls the city of Chicago
. . . and Cabel Evans wants to die.

From the innocent distractions of the Silver Beach Amusement Park to the dark enticements of a Chicago speakeasy, Cabel’s past and present collide as he searches for the truth in Shadowlands.

I am currently working on the sequel to Shadowlands and it is tentatively titled Cold Deceptions. We return to St. Joseph, Michigan in late October when Cabel receives a telephone call and is informed that his cousin Jim has been shot and is in grave condition at a Chicago hospital.  Cabel knows he must go to Jim’s side but to do so means he must face one of his biggest fears, his family. Despite attempts from his parents and uncle to dissuade him, Cabel conducts his own investigation into the shooting and the true identity woman that died in Jim’s arms. Lies, betrayals, and ambitions collide in a deadly combination. Cabel must uncover the truth or lose everything.