Just for my readers – Cold Betrayals

While I created this world of fiction, it is as historically accurate as my imperfect attempts allow. St. Joseph, Michigan stands on the Michigan shores of the lake and while the Silver Beach Amusement Park of 1927 is gone, bits and pieces have been brought back to life.

The House of David in Benton Harbor, Michigan thrived for many years before and after the fateful loss of its leader. In November of 1927, Benjamin Purnell was tried on charges of molesting several girls who lived in the compound. He died before a verdict was delivered. To this day, he has staunch supporters who claim his innocence and others who believe in his guilt. I don’t know what the truth is and did not present an opinion in this book. Continue reading

Links to Regional History of Chicago Area


Curious about the Chicago area history? Here are some great links for more information.

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