Reader Reviews for Shadowlands

Great book!

Erin, I just finished Shadowlands.  Great book, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it.  Characters were fabulous, well defined and interesting.  Cabel Evans is a winner, I can’t wait to read about his next reluctant adventure.

Plot was well thought-out and gripping.  The narrator’s voice was perfect, slowly revealing Cabel’s background so that the reader continues to learn about him right through to the last pages of the book.  And the mystery itself was good, very  believable.  I really like how this book was more than just the mystery of who was killing these young people, but had a real story of live characters behind it, and with a creative dose of history mixed in.

I am really, really impressed. I hope you are working hard (and quickly!) on the next book.  I am missing Cabel Evans already.


Loved the book!

I purchased an early copy of “Shadowlands” directly from the author, while attending an arts festival at a SW Michigan winery.  Although I live in northern Indiana, I was familiar with the many references to locations in St. Joseph, MI, Silver Beach, and even downtown Chicago.  I was also interested in the history of the Prohibition Era.

This book did not disappoint!  Ms. Farwell is a talented writer who skillfully balances enlightening character development with a tight and intriguing mystery.

This book stands on its own merit and will be thoroughly enjoyed by those with no ties to the local area.  I’m looking forward to the sequel!

Harriet  & Jerry,

Wow, what a book! 

I am about two-thirds through it and I am reading every single word.  Erin has a great talent and skill with character development and plot suspense.  It really is a fascinating book.  And having driven through St. Joe and Benton Harbor I can appreciate the bluffs and the lake, etc.

The theme(s) are so very well outlined and her descriptions so vivid I can easily picture the amusement park, the old house, the police chief’s office, the little box of Kittie’s things and so on.  I really can’t write any more because I want to finish the book.  It  is terrific and I think you should be very proud of Erin.  Jack is waiting to read it when I finish, which shouldn’t be too long from now unless I need to cook or clean or answer the phone.

More soon.